Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Snow Sucks

My day is not off to the greatest start. It was really snowy leaving Preston this morning and just slow, messy going all the way to work. Really, it wasn't too bad. The bad part was when I got to work and slid through my turn, hit the curb and blew a tire. I will go check it out after the sun comes up, change the tire and all. If I'm lucky, I just popped the tire off the bead and won't have to replace it. If I am not lucky, Callie gets a tire for her birthday.

2 Responses:

The White House said...

I am sorry you have bad weather. It is no fun having to replace tires, we have done it too many times. I hope for Callie's sake the tire can be fixed easy. Callie deserves more than a tire for her birthday. Good Luck with that!

Alayna said...

Sorry you have snow troubles. We have none of that stuff here. Just heat, but you learn to live with it. (Indoors mostly)
Good luck with the tire!