Saturday, February 7, 2009


This Blog is the internet record of the White Family. We will write here of our family, our doings, our beliefs and our interests. We are a family of two parents, five children, (one sister and four rambunctious boys) and no pets at the moment although we have had goats, chickens, and a dog.

We teach our children at home and have many closely held beliefs. We believe in God, we believe in liberty and the American way. We teach the Constitution to our children and focus on the intent of the founders and the purpose of the Constitution to limit government and expand freedom. It could be said that we cling to our guns and religion, although I wouldn't call us bitter.

We believe in making our own way in life and in dealing honestly. We teach these values to our children. We believe in self sufficiency and in improving ourselves and our surroundings.

We have many things that we enjoy doing as individuals and as a family. We like to read and write, we enjoy the outdoors and we like to sing. We really like bicycles. Bicycles are the transportation of the future. Perhaps that makes me rather "Green" for a conservative, but I like bikes, and I like them for general transportation. I think that we would all be healthier and that the world would be cleaner if more people pedaled more often.

Expect this blog to be full of articles about kids, homeschooling, bicycles and bicycling, camping, playing, politics, and religion. It will also have anything else that I can think of to throw at you.

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