Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Biking Woes.

I have not been riding. Not riding makes me flabby. Already. I am getting old. When I was young, I could sit and eat and watch TV all day and lose three pounds. I am getting old. And fat.

I will now explain my dilemma. My wonderful and benevolent place of employment has dictated that I will now work four ten hour shifts instead of five eight hour shifts. I used to arrive at work at 7:00 am. My shift now begins at 5:00 am. The bus from Preston can have me in Logan at 6:45 or so. My bike/bus/bike routine that has worked so well for the past eighteen months is no longer viable. I have been driving to work. Cars make you fat. And lazy. And slow.

I had planned to ride to Logan this morning, so I got up early to facilitate an earlier start. (3:00am departure time.) I woke up next to my winter cycling shoes at 4:30, put on some pants, and drove to work. I was ten minutes late. And fat. (My recent Angry Whopper fetish probably doesn't help.) Apparently I can't even manage to put on riding layers and shoes with only four hours of sleep.

I last had a decent ride two weeks ago. All I've done since is try out the Madsen. With trips to SLC and a messed up schedule with Arvil's health, I'd hardly ridden in the two weeks before then. I rode fifteen miles. Slowly. And I got tired. I am old and fat.

I am laying out my bike clothes and going to bed.

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