Monday, February 16, 2009

Ridin' the "Big Bike"

On Saturday morning, Duncan and I rode the Madsen to the church over by the fairgrounds to help set up chairs. Good thing that I remembered. The Elders' Quorum was asleep at the wheel. It was me, the bishop, his son, and one of the high priests. So I set up many, many chairs. Duncan still isn't sure about the "big bike," but I like it.

First off, there was about an inch of new snow. The bike didn't seem to notice. I had expected the Madsen's massive weight to be a liability in any snowy or icy conditions. I had miscalculated. That big bike rolls over almost anything once it has momentum. It can be just a bit squirrelly under load at really low speeds. I do want to put big fatty cruiser tires on it. I'm thinking white Schwalbe Fat Franks.

I also rode it around with different combinations of kids, the four youngest, then the three oldest, and then Dawsey and I rode out to grandma and grandpa's. It handles very well under load, climbs the hollows on Oneida without having to even stand up, and just keeps rolling.

I am not used to this bike's very upright "Dutch" riding position. It is harder on my knees and feels slower than my my efficient and much preferred road or touring positions. But I suppose I'll get used to it.

The kids like the bike. Well, most of the kids like the bike. Duncan tolerates it.

2 Responses:

Caranna said...

Your new toy sounds pretty cool...

You really expect me to read all of your posts!? You get to wordy and I skim ;P

And I like pictures!!

Gavin said...

My camera is messed up. Takes fuzzy pictures.