Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Leprchauns and Lactic Acid

Yesterday we Celebrated St. Patricks day. Funny that we have a day for wearing grean clothes, that somehow lead to either kissing or pinching, and that on that day we eat corned beef and boiled cabbage. Its also the one day that Americans drink beer so thick that the bubbles go DOWN. What is odd about is that it combines a Catholic saint who drove out snakes with mischevious pixies that can grant wishes and deliver pots of gold, or curse your crops, herds and children. Oh, and the pinching, that is odd. And Boston is odd too.
At our house we do not drink Guiness, or dyed beer, but we did eat corned beef, red potatoes, and boiled cabbage. We also ate green-filled cream-puffs. I went to bed early, as I work twenty-seven miles away at five am, and had ridden my bike fifty-four miles in the day.
The morning ride was great, I averaged nearly eighteen miles an hour, with a headwind, but going home the wind was stronger, I was tireder, and my legs got to burning. I eventually just geared down and rolled slowly home, averaging just over15mph. I also had to remember the joys of pedaling alongside traffic on highway 91. I got used to it last year, I guess I will again.

I didn't ride today, I have to get home earlier to be a Webelos leader. Besides, a recovery day won't hurt.

2 Responses:

Caranna said...

Wasn't it you who was boasting "30 miles in nothin'"!?
I would never ride my bike on highway 91! It scared me enough to maneuver Sunny down in to Smithfeild every Thursday for voice lessons. All those cars filled with angry drivers makes me a little uneasy!

"So what if I want to drive the speed limit!? You'll get home 5 minutes later SO WHAT!!!? THE SIGN SAYS 50!! AHHHH!!"

Yes, too much stress, couldn't handle it ;)

Gavin said...

Highway 91 is a bit different since it got fat. HUGE shoulders. 3am is a great time to ride 91, 4pm,not so much.

30 miles WAS nothin'. It was about mile 47 that I started to have to push myself.