Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I rode to Logan again last Thursday, yesterday, and today. I am out of shape. That first ride went great, but now I am sore. My good old right knee is giving me fits, which is odd because it left me alone for over a year. It is a souvenir from a rollover back in 2003, which is part of what has gradually turned me from a car guy into a bike guy. I thought my riding was mostly to thank for the reprieve. Do you remember the old adage that cycling is good for knees and running is bad? Now cycling seems to aggravate the inflammation of the meniscus. But this blog is not for discussing my aches and pains.

We also got out for a good deal of family riding on Friday and Saturday in the nice weather, and rode home from church in rain on Sunday. The Madsen is a lot of fun. I think it handles great. Callie still prefers her beach cruiser. I can't really blame her. It is like riding a sofa. Arvil rides best in Dawsey's lap, either in the Madsen or in the trailer.

Another milestone in our cycling life is the removal of Dawsey's training wheels. She doesn't quite have two-wheeled riding down, but she'll get it.

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