Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Back in the Saddle!

With new work schedules, winter, and crazy happenings in my life, I have been off the bike for about six weeks, with just a little riding thrown in here and there, mostly on the Madsen. This has not been good. I have been getting out of shape, and my right knee has been sore. My knee has not hurt since cycling has become a regular habit, but after this long off the bike, it has started to trouble me again.

I had hoped to ride in to work yesterday, but overslept and drove. I was angry at myself the whole way because it was warm and beautiful and would have been a great ride. So this morning I set an alarm on my alarm clock and one on my cell phone (which is really obnoxious) and with a little nudging from my darling spouse, I got on the road at 3:30. 3:00 sharp would have been preferable, but I got on the road!

I did the ride in exactly 90 minutes, which means I averaged 17.6mph. Factoriing in a stop in Franklin to remove some layering and in Richmond just to get off the bike for a minute or two, not to mention the lights in Smithfield, I figure that I did OK for being out of shape. When I was in better shape I was making that ride in about 75 minutes. My best time was 68 minutes.

I am also hoping that when I can add a true road bike to the stable I can make some really quick times, maybe sub-hour times. If anyone knows the whereabouts of a Japanese (Bridgestone, Centurion, Panasonic, Miyata, Univega, Fuji, etc.) road bike (ie "10-speed") from the 80s or 90s, let me know. Raleighs are good stuff too.

Anyway, the ride was great. I must say that my Blackburn lights are awesome. I could see and be seen without much worry, and the shoulders on the highway between Preston and Logan are great. Lots of room. Anyway, I am back on the bike and it feels great. I don't want to get off!

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