Monday, September 14, 2009

Clipless for Commuting: Overrated?

I have been using clipless pedals and shoes on my commuting bike for most of the last two years. I originally liked it a lot, but now I question it a bit. Perhaps I am just bitter because I accidentally unclipped on my way home Friday and the bike beat me up for it. I have had a little trouble getting unclipped recently as well, so it may be a matter of maintenance.

I have spent a great deal of time on the Madsen including a time of commuting with a heavy load of tools and a cooler for a distance of about four miles. It has platform pedals. I can ride in any shoes, the pedal is substantial under my feet when I am not clipped in, and I don't have to twist and yank to put a foot down at a light.

I do like being stuck to my pedal, it has improved my form, but it carries its own set of issues. Just thinking out loud I guess. Any thoughts?

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Caranna said...

It would be hard to have your foot stuck to the pedal if you need to stop and put your foot down, falling over at a red light might cause some strange looks in your general direction. But having such a LONG commute everyday, and so early, I can see where you might like having your foot attached to the pedal. And there are long stretches in which there are no lights... Tricky, Tricky!