Friday, April 3, 2009

This Bike has my Name on It!

I ran across Gavin Bikes on the internet. As I think I indicated in my last post I prefer good old fashioned steel, which these bikes aren't, but to each his own, and carbon and Aluminum are Ok and have their place. They even have certain advantages over steel. It depends largely on what you want out of the bike. These Gavins come in Aluminum, Aluminum/Carbon, and Full carbon. The specs aren't bad. The components are mostly lower-grade Shimano, and the wheelsets are good but nothing special. For the price, it seems that these are fair bikes. They are available only online at The problem with mail-order bikes is that with bikes, the middleman helps make sure everything works, and fits. If you can take care of that on your own, it is usually a good way to go. Other online only bikes are found at and

Who can resist the idea of racing around on a bike with their name emblazoned proudly on the side? I would probably opt for the Aluminum/Carbon model.

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